“No matter what you desire, Sandra and her team can find a way to make it work. They are extremely professional and offer the best service that we could not be more pleased to have received.” Meggin Patterson

“Our experience was amazing with the Steiner-Houck team and our kitchen design project. Their work was amazing and far exceeded our expectations.” – Brett and Shelby Trout

“If you are looking to create a beautiful space with a high level of form and function then I would highly recommend the Steiner-Houck and Associates team for any of your renovation or design needs.” Jon Wile

“The Steiner-Houck & Associates design team creates living spaces uniquely catered to their customer’s lifestyles and tastes. It is always a pleasure to behold their masterpieces in person and with years of experience in the industry, this team will not disappoint” Stephanie Yu

“It was a dream come true to work with a renowned designer like Sandra Steiner-Houck! She has impeccable style and her product knowledge was very useful in guiding step by step. We would not have finished on time without our project manager, John, Co-designer Candis and Sandra’s entire team working together to ensure each detail from custom ceiling finish to the every crystal on our curtains & chandeliers got polished and perfected. Our luxurious kitchen is now a showpiece that our guests awe at and it also cooks! Our Pineapple Manor kitchen has truly become the heart of our house and the our favorite space for creating memories and hosting events with guests. We thank Steiner-Houck & Associates for making our dream kitchen a reality!” Keely Childers Heany

“Over years of working with the Steiner-Houck and Associates team they have upheld the highest standards of workmanship, quality design, and service. They exhibit a superb level of professionalism!” Sue Ottenheimer

“Sandra’s team at Steiner-Houck is always professional, very talented, and their concepts through final designs are one of a kind and tailored to you. This team is always a joy to work with.” Andy Tobias

“Through multiple projects Sandra’s team has shown a high level of expertise in their design capabilities and their paramount ability to execute on projects of large and small sizes. They approach all spaces with equal, quality,care, service, and enthusiasm which ensures thier customer experience is rewarding and personalized.”  Mark Galway

“Sandra’s team coordinates with other design professionals at a five star level, produces outstanding design, and has quality interactions with their clients. We plan to continue referring Steiner-Houck & Associates when asked for quality interior designers.” Gary Grimm

“The designers at Steiner-Houck and Associates worked on our new home project about 10 years ago to design our master bath and suite. To this day we enjoy the timeless functionality and feel these spaces in our home. Working with Sandra and her team was a pleasure.” – Elaine Kauffman

“Working with Sandra and her team the last seven years has been a real pleasure. I supply her projects with wood, hard surfaces,tile, and stone. Sandra has an eye for detail that is second to no one in my opinion. The work she produces has a creative signature of design that makes our products that we provide to her spaces shine with their “best look”. The Steiner-Houck and Associates team takes time out to know the various products their specifications which is simple, but rarely done in her industry and always results in a coordinated project and a space that will meet and exceed all expectations.” – Tom Donlan

“With over 37 years of experience the Steiner-Houck & Associates team can design anything you can imagine. I strongly recommend going with them for your interior design on new or existing homes if you want one of a kind design.” Julie Bes

“The Steiner-Houck and Associates team is creative and delivers one of a kind designs to their customers. This team will listen to your needs and desires!” Hanna Pearlman

“Our company offers a high quality and one-of-a-kind interior design service that I’ve enjoyed working to help produce as a marketing assistant. I highly recommend Sandra and our team at Steiner-Houck and Associates to any homeowners or businesses looking to find custom and high end interiors.” Brandon Houck

“Having worked as an Interior Designer on staff with Steiner-Houck & Associates for the last five years, my direct experience is that this company’s focus is on producing one-of-a-kind custom designs individually tailored to each customer’s unique preferences. Our emphasis is on the value to our clients and to taking the time necessary to create the best possible designs for every project. It is our belief that timeless designs drive the longevity and success of all spaces.” Candis Warren

“Sandra’s team at Steiner-Houck & Associates provides award winning designs in addition to exceptional customer service . For those searching to create the interior of your dreams and make your stunning kitchen idea into a reality in your home, the Steiner-Houck design team delivers exceptional service and whether your project is in PA or elsewhere in the nation Sandra’s team works to satisfy all desires.” Brittany Houck

“They have some amazing work! Steiner-Houck & Associates specializes in luxurious kitchens, baths and interior design. Their team worked with us to design our dream interior. Their other client’s have expressed that Steiner-Houck & Associates exceed expectations and produce one of a kind results” Jody Miller

“The team at Steiner-Houck & Associates helped us develop the most creative ideas for modernizing our kitchen. The were able to seamlessly blend the kitchen into a living space. Working with Sandra’s team was a joy!!” Tracy Potochny

“Sandra and The Steiner-Houck & Associates team has done an amazing job for us!” – Derek Dienner

“Having worked with Steiner-Houck & Associates on a multitude of difference projects over a number of years, I can say that their team has never failed to impress with their high level service, extreme attention to detail, and beautiful award-winning room designs. The final results are breathtaking. It has always been a pleasure to work with this team.” – Jeff Shultz | Distinctive Faux Finishes in Willow Street, PA

“Sandra has assembled at Steiner-Houck & Associates an exceptional team that performs Interior Design all the way through Project Management and Renovation. They can produce outstanding projects and designs!!” – Mary Steiner