Steiner-Houck & Associates provides a complete upscale Interior Design Service for consumers, contractors and architects for both residential and commercial interiors.  Sandra Steiner-Houck, CKD guides a team of talented professionals, encouraging them to “look outside the box” as they collaborate to conceptualize and execute the dreams, desires and needs of their clients.  They control the level of detail and quality on all of their projects to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds both the client’s and the firm’s expectations

Our design services include kitchens, bathrooms, interiors and outdoor living.  We work with our clients through the entire process, from conceptual design to fully detailed CAD drawings and color renderings.  Our services include the development of all the interior products, furnishings and finishes as well. Our goal is to create the total environment for our clients, both technically and aesthetically.  We have the versatility to design interiors in any style and always with great respect to the client’s architecture. We strive to create award winning designs on every project that are a true reflection of our client’s personality.  No project is too large or too small for our design team. We enjoy working with our clients on projects of any size. We often collaborate with architects and interior designers as a cohesive team on many of our larger scale projects.


Hiring a professional Designer or Design Team is a great investment that will save both time and money.  It will provide better value, function and aesthetic outcome to the overall project. In the case of a kitchen or bathroom design, it is extremely important to hire a CKD, Certified Kitchen Designer.  A CKD will translate your vision into a design that maximizes the function of the space, the unique resources and the overall budget. Designing and renovating a kitchen or bathroom is one of the most important investments that you will make in your home.  It requires extremely technical planning and extensive research. Certified Kitchen Designers are tested to a high level of rigorous and relevant standards, much like other certified professionals. A CKD must remain current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the extensiveness of new products and equipment through ongoing continued education.

The NKBA is the certifying body specifically for kitchen & bathroom designers, requiring a demonstrated level of professionalism before designers can take the certification exam.  A qualified designer must have five years of full-time residential kitchen and bath industry experience with proven knowledge of kitchen and bathroom design, as well as construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.  They must have completed a minimum of 60 hours NKBA professional development programming and pass an extensive two part exam which tests for academic knowledge and all practical skills. Designers must also be an expert in the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines & Access Standards, which recognizes the importance of consumer health, safety and welfare in kitchen & bath design.


Steiner-Houck & Associates designs and builds custom furnishings of all types for our clients and projects.  Our “Private Upholstery Collection” features custom upholstered furnishings built in the United States by several of the finest furniture manufacturers, providing us with the most exquisite finishes and upholstery work.  Each piece is custom built and embellished with beautiful fabrics, leathers and trim details from around the world. We take great pride in providing our clients with exceptional furnishings that are not only unique, but a true reflection of their personality.

Clients choose to have us create custom furnishings for their home for various reasons.  First, there is an intrinsic beauty and value in creating a timeless custom piece of furniture that will eventually become a legacy and an heirloom.  We can provide our clients with a good design for their interiors by incorporating standard furnishings, however we can provide them with a great design when we create custom furnishings tailored to their specific needs and space.  Designing custom furnishings often saves significant time in shopping for something that may not even exist. When building custom furniture, we’re able to ensure that we are providing our clients with a quality piece that will always meet their personal and specific requirements.  Custom designed furnishings are not necessarily more costly than standard furnishings, they provide much better options and a better end result.

There are actually environmental benefits to owning a custom furniture piece by Steiner-Houck & Associates.  Our custom furnishings are built in the United States where we have more stringent emissions laws. The source of the manufacturer to the client is much less of a carbon footprint which has less impact on the environment due to burdens of shipping products long distances.  There are significant savings in the freight costs as well compared to shipping pieces in from out of the country. The life cycle of our custom furnishings is often much longer than standard furnishings, thus having less impact on the environment, as they will not be ending up in a landfill.

We take great pride and pleasure in designing and building custom furnishings for our clients.  We have the resources and capabilities to design pieces of any style, from large bed frames with unique ornate carvings to sleek upholstered modern sectionals.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind and a true reflection of our client’s personalities.


A renovation is one of the biggest investments that our clients might ever make and we feel very privileged to be a part of that.  We value the opportunity to work with some really fabulous people and are very appreciative of the many great relationships that we have built with our clients over the years.

At Steiner-Houck & Associates, we have a great passion for what we do and truly love bringing our designs to life in the renovation process!  We have the most talented and capable team of professionals and trades who understand the complexities of our designs and expectations. We only work with the most accomplished trades and we incorporate them on all of our jobs to maintain the consistency in quality and craftsmanship that clients expect on a Steiner-Houck & Associates project.  We have professional standards of excellence that we go by. We love the details and always pay very close attention to them. The difference is in the details.

When working with our clients through the renovation process, we always maintain open communication.  We feel that it is extremely important to communicate well with our clients and our trade professionals to achieve the best end result on a project.  Great renovations require a collaborative process. It is extremely important to us that our job sites are always kept neat and clean since most of our clients are living in their homes during the renovation.

One of the benefits that Steiner-Houck & Associates brings to the project is our extensive experience and expertise.  We are designers that think like General Contractors and General Contractors who understand design. This collaborative teamwork approach to the process allows us to look at challenges from all angles.  Our accountability is different because we are accountable for the entire project and process. We have an in depth knowledge of the process which allows us to be more accurate in the planning and estimating stage.  It is our goal to be on time and on budget with every renovation.

We take great pride in building high quality sophisticated interiors.  Whether the project is ultra-modern or classic traditional, it is always our goal to incorporate the finest quality products and natural materials in our designs to maintain longevity and a timeless feel for all of our projects.