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A Community Cornerstone

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that even the grandest manors were built to be homes. The 2017 United Auxiliaries to Lancaster General Hospital Showhouse at Pineapple Manor, com- ing to Millersville in November, reminds us that a historic Victorian mansion, smothered in wall- paper but otherwise sound, can spring to life as a family home and community asset.


The showhouse is slated for the recently pur- chased and named Pineapple Manor, inspired by its stained glass hutch adorned in pineapples, the symbol of hospitality upon entering the home, and its location on Millersville’s Manor Avenue. Before that, it was known to generations of Lan- caster County residents as Harnish House and, for the past 38 years, the Scheid Mansion. Sitting grandly at the intersection between Lancaster City and Millersville, the three-story white home with black shutters, wraparound veranda and mansard roof has always been a showstopper. Now, it’s a showcase of design innovation, ideas for family living and at the center of community giving.


In 1885, prominent Lancaster businessman John S. Landis and his wife S. Elma Leachy Landis built their new home in Millersville. They joined other upstanding citizens in a popular “trolley suburb” of the day, the kind of neighborhood accessible to work by trolley but peacefully away from the sights and sounds of Lancaster City.


In the coming century, a star-studded array of owners would leave their marks on the region. Re- nowned artist Jeannette Hess opened her home for exhibits by local artists. The Rev. Benjamin Bausman maintained the strength and integrity of the Reformed Church in America. Oliver Shenk’s industrial business ventures supported jobs and a thriving economy. The Harnish family, living here from 1910 to 1979, was active in community af- fairs, law and Millersville governance. The most recent owners, Paul Scheid and his wife, ran a produce business their family still operates today at the other end of town.


All of it was nurtured under the high ceilings of Millersville’s only Second Empire-style house. The home is so ingrained in the community that residents still drop by to share memories of har- vesting walnuts from the grounds or building a trap door to the third  oor.

The new owners, Don and Keely Heany and their daughter Hazel, who moved in during spring 2017, plan to maintain the tradition of a welcoming space that is a family home, B&B and community asset. Even restoring life to the pillared, wraparound porch belongs to the quest. Here in this 19th-century home, gatherings will create connections and inspire new ideas that will build community well into the 21st century.


The Kitchen:

Sandra Steiner-Houck Steiner-Houck & Asscoiates LLC,

Studio of Design


As every family knows, the kitchen is the beating heart of the home. At Pine- apple Manor, it is doubly important as the birthplace of tempting breakfasts for B&B guests, dishes prepared for elaborate parties and simple family dinners.

Keeping with the home’s Southern feel, the owner wanted a plantation kitchen, splashed with lighter  finishes and bathed in natural light from win- dows once partially obscured by dark cabinets, paneling and faux beams from another decade’s renovation.


Designer Sandra Steiner-Houck looked beyond the pre-showhouse kitchen’s dark cabinets and low-hanging beams. She found fun and inspiration in the home’s spectacular style, with “the big windows, the high ceilings, the architectural moldings, the staircase.”


“Oh, the house is amazing,” she says. Steiner-Houck’s redesign uncovers the windows, magnifies the ceiling height with taller cabinets, and hangs a beautiful chandelier in the center. Counter- tops are honed from leathered black granite with copper veining. A natural limestone one-by-one tiled backsplash is uniquely set on the diagonal as a nod to the pineapple stained glass adjacent. Both the counters and backsplash are from Natural Stoneworks in Lancaster (


Finally, in this house full of doors, an extraneous door to a back hallway is sealed, adding wall space for the refrigerator plus more privacy for an adjoining  first- floor bedroom.


The design springs from the needs and tastes of the homeowner, with a big dollop of inspiration from the house itself.


“You’re starting with a unique space that already has some character,” says Steiner-Houck. “We want to complement it and make it feel like what we put into the space was original, that it feels like part of the architecture and not an afterthought.”


Under that showpiece copper-brass hood is the handpicked range, a 48-inch Blue- Star in custom white with brass accents,

from Martin Appliance. The cooking capabilities anticipate the day when Pineapple Manor welcomes B&B guests.


“The biggest thing to remember is functionality,” says Martin Appliance’s Shawn Reimold. “Certainly, there’s eye appeal, but it also has to function as well.” The BlueStar is “a commercial - quality unit made [locally in Reading] for the home.” This model features eight burners, a charbroiler and a griddle plus dual ovens. The zinc and brass hood—another show- piece—is custom-fabricated by New Holland-based Horst Sheet Metal.


In this kitchen, the refrigerator will not be the  first thing that catches a visitor’s eye. Steiner-Houck’s design installs the 36-inch built-in Jenn-Air refrigerator, the Miele dishwasher and a Jenn-Air microwave drawer in a seamless meld with the cabinets, “so your eyes are going to be drawn to the range and the hood,” Reimold says.


The Laundry and Wine Lounge

Wine lounge beside the upstairs laundry room? Brilliant!


Martin Appliance will also equip the second- floor laundry with a Speed Queen washer and dryer, once again re- lying on commercial-grade products for the home and B&B. Handwoven laundry baskets and reclaimed wood crates will accessorize the space, plus there is a shelf for hangers, Reimold says.


With more than enough bedrooms to go around in this home, one will be convert- ed to a library and wine lounge. Martin Furniture (, part of the Martin Appliance family,furnishes the space in a nautical/industrial theme. A rustic cart with industrialized steel wheels sits on a gold-toned rug, recall- ing the pineapple in Pineapple Man- or. An old-world map hanging on the wall is lit with Victorian-style lamps and lanterns. For a relaxing evening, guests can cozy into rustic leather seating and enjoy a sampling from the wine station.

Sandra Steiner-Houck


"Although I love designing in any style, I would describe my personal style as very classic with a touch of formality and accents of pearls, crystals or ‘bling’ and animal print.


This is my absolute favorite space, spring through fall! The breakfast nook exemplifies my style—refined, yet comfortable. It overlooks the outdoor living area, which features a formal pool design; it has a large window with a built-in window seat and is embellished with luxurious fabrics. It not only feels like my own little resort, but it provides a beautiful and tranquil space to relax in and escape to."



Sandra Steiner-Houck is the president and senior designer of Steiner-Houck & Associates in Mount Joy, PA. She lives in West Hempfield Township with her two children.

The Face of Luxury Interiors: Steiner-Houck

“Luxury is more about a process than a product; it’s about creating timeless classics, amenities that mean something to you personally, paying close attention to details,” says Sandra Steiner-Houck, president of Lancaster County interior design firm Steiner-Houck & Associates. “Luxury is very different for each client and does not necessarily refer to cost,” she continues.


Going behind the scenes with Steiner-Houck, she offers insight into a recently-completed client project, pictured here. “For this client, luxury meant designing a ‘his and hers dressing room’ as part of an entire master suite project,” says Steiner-Houck. “It features beautiful chandeliers overhead, closet rods that are lighted, space for the clients’ shoes and islands with leather inlays. Elements of the original part of the home, a farmhouse, are carried through to the new addition, as seen in the cabinetry, which features antique finishes with distressing, glazing and crackle details—and the flooring is comprised of reclaimed wood,” Steiner-Houck explains.


Steiner-Houck & Associates is well-versed in all aspects of home design, from luxury kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor kitchens and living spaces. “Wine cellars are an exciting and growing part of the business—a specialty,” says Steiner-Houck.


“When you invest in quality design and products, you’ll receive longevity and value. Luxury interiors have a longer lifespan,” says Steiner-Houck. Sound words of advice from a woman whose design career has spanned 36 years.

The Face of Custom Furniture & Interior Design:

Steiner-Houck & Associates


Sandra Steiner-HouckWith 35 years of design experience, Sandra Steiner-Houck, CKD, says her profession is her passion in life. The president of Steiner-Houck & Associates earned the specialized Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) credential, but is equally well-versed in designing both residential and outdoor living spaces including kitchens, baths, master suites, wine cellars and more.


"What makes us unique is that we evaluate the total environment—mood, feeling, lighting, texture, color, and fabric," explains Steiner-Houck. "When we design a kitchen, for example, we don’t just install cabinetry and appliances—we look at all of the furnishings right down to the details such as artistic finishes, custom rugs or custom lighting."


Kitchens require tremendous design expertise, according to Steiner-Houck, due to the mechanicals involved such as ventilation, plumbing and wiring. "It’s the most technical space in the house," she says. Once the function of a kitchen is designed, she enjoys embellishing it with fabrics and rugs to create a warm, inviting space.


Steiner-Houck describes two completed projects of which she’s especially proud: "One was a very grand wine cellar project—quite spectacular—that incorporated reclaimed and antique fixtures, as well as products from Europe. Another was a grand master suite project that featured a vanity hall, cathedral ceilings and beautiful dressing rooms with elaborate details such as lighted closet rods and leather counter surfaces."


Classic, timeless design is Steiner-Houck’s goal for all clients. "We strive for longevity—projects that still look spectacular in 20 years…the value is far superior with a timeless design,” she explains.


One of her firm’s latest enhancements is a private-labeled upholstered furniture collection which allows them to create customized pieces such as dining room chairs, upholstered headboards, sofas, sectionals, ottomans and more. Steiner-Houck says she enjoys the entire design process, from start to finish. "Every project is unique…and it’s very rewarding to build relationships with clients," she reflects. "One of the things that’s most enjoyable is seeing how happy the client is as the entire space comes to fruition."

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