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The Face of Luxury Interiors: Steiner-Houck

“Luxury is more about a process than a product; it’s about creating timeless classics, amenities that mean something to you personally, paying close attention to details,” says Sandra Steiner-Houck, president of Lancaster County interior design firm Steiner-Houck & Associates. “Luxury is very different for each client and does not necessarily refer to cost,” she continues.


Going behind the scenes with Steiner-Houck, she offers insight into a recently-completed client project, pictured here. “For this client, luxury meant designing a ‘his and hers dressing room’ as part of an entire master suite project,” says Steiner-Houck. “It features beautiful chandeliers overhead, closet rods that are lighted, space for the clients’ shoes and islands with leather inlays. Elements of the original part of the home, a farmhouse, are carried through to the new addition, as seen in the cabinetry, which features antique finishes with distressing, glazing and crackle details—and the flooring is comprised of reclaimed wood,” Steiner-Houck explains.


Steiner-Houck & Associates is well-versed in all aspects of home design, from luxury kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor kitchens and living spaces. “Wine cellars are an exciting and growing part of the business—a specialty,” says Steiner-Houck.


“When you invest in quality design and products, you’ll receive longevity and value. Luxury interiors have a longer lifespan,” says Steiner-Houck. Sound words of advice from a woman whose design career has spanned 36 years.

The Face of Custom Furniture & Interior Design:

Steiner-Houck & Associates


Sandra Steiner-HouckWith 35 years of design experience, Sandra Steiner-Houck, CKD, says her profession is her passion in life. The president of Steiner-Houck & Associates earned the specialized Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) credential, but is equally well-versed in designing both residential and outdoor living spaces including kitchens, baths, master suites, wine cellars and more.


"What makes us unique is that we evaluate the total environment—mood, feeling, lighting, texture, color, and fabric," explains Steiner-Houck. "When we design a kitchen, for example, we don’t just install cabinetry and appliances—we look at all of the furnishings right down to the details such as artistic finishes, custom rugs or custom lighting."


Kitchens require tremendous design expertise, according to Steiner-Houck, due to the mechanicals involved such as ventilation, plumbing and wiring. "It’s the most technical space in the house," she says. Once the function of a kitchen is designed, she enjoys embellishing it with fabrics and rugs to create a warm, inviting space.


Steiner-Houck describes two completed projects of which she’s especially proud: "One was a very grand wine cellar project—quite spectacular—that incorporated reclaimed and antique fixtures, as well as products from Europe. Another was a grand master suite project that featured a vanity hall, cathedral ceilings and beautiful dressing rooms with elaborate details such as lighted closet rods and leather counter surfaces."


Classic, timeless design is Steiner-Houck’s goal for all clients. "We strive for longevity—projects that still look spectacular in 20 years…the value is far superior with a timeless design,” she explains.


One of her firm’s latest enhancements is a private-labeled upholstered furniture collection which allows them to create customized pieces such as dining room chairs, upholstered headboards, sofas, sectionals, ottomans and more. Steiner-Houck says she enjoys the entire design process, from start to finish. "Every project is unique…and it’s very rewarding to build relationships with clients," she reflects. "One of the things that’s most enjoyable is seeing how happy the client is as the entire space comes to fruition."

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